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Not appropriate for children

My children, ages 6 and 8, received this game for Christmas. It is rated E for everyone so I thought it would be okay for them. They are having fun with most of the characters and most of the game except for a mole named Resetti who is very rude, calling the children names, etc. when they don’t turn off the game correctly or he makes them repeat phrases like “I’m a cheater.” “I’m a loser.” before they can go on with the game. My 6 year old commented that she just tries to hide from him. She came to me upset because she couldn’t type what he was telling her to so he kept berating her. She brought the game to me for help in getting past him. His behavior was totally overboard and uncalled for. Then there is another character, Camo Frog, to whom my 8 year old wrote a letter to introduce herself to him. Apparently, this is another part of the game. She received a return letter from this game character, calling her a loser and telling her that she is lame. How is this fun? How is this part of a game that is rated as okay for every age? My children would be in a world of trouble if they were to EVER speak to someone the way these characters are acting and speaking to them. The game is now thrown away. But, I want to warn other parents, if you care whether or not your children are conditioned into thinking that it is alright for people to treat one another with disrespect, bad manners, and bullying, then don’t buy this game.

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